TRBWA updates

The TRBWA is the body responsible for the registration of teachers in Western Australia and registers all teachers, from early childhood to Year 12, who teach in a Western Australian educational venue.  The TRBWA is also responsible for the accreditation of initial teacher education programmes in WA.

Registration with the TRBWA is essential in order to work as a teacher in Western Australia. The IEU is pro-active in ensuring members are informed about the TRBWA’s requirements for registration and any changes. We are available to provide support and advice throughout the process. Call or email us with any queries.

The IEU regularly reviews and monitors changes to TRBWA policy and directions and provides updates and thus ensuring your professional livelihood is protected.


IEUWA Response on the Draft Professional Boundaries Guidelines for Teachers in
Western Australia

The IEU is of the view that whilst there may be a perception in some quarters that there is a need
for teachers to be better informed about professional boundaries in fact there is no such general

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TRBWA Draft Professional Boundaries Guidelines for Teachers in Western Australia

The IEU has been asked to review these guidelines - click on the link below to download the draft:

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Increase in TRBWA fees

The TRBWA has advised that fees will be increased from 1 July 2016, by 1.1%. This reflects CPI
and comes out as an approx. $1 increase for most fees. This is a reasonable increase compared to
last year when fees were increased considerably to reflect increased admin costs.

Combined Payments - renewal between January & April

In response to IEUwa raising members’ concerns about combined TRBWA payments the TRBWA will be updating their website to clarify fee payment options.

Teachers with Registration renewal dates between January and April were being charged for both Renewal of Registration and their Annual fee as a lump sum fee when using the Teacher login payment option.

If teachers’ pay via BPAY or cheque or over the phone, they have the option of making separate payments.

The TRBWA will add a line of text to the Teacher login payment page to advise teachers of their payment options to pay the fees separately.

You have the choice as to how you would like to make your payment and you can pay the Renewal and Annual fee separately.

The double payment is unique to this time of year, when all teachers must pay their annual fee by March 31.


Teacher Registration Renewal Dates

The IEU is pleased to advise members that the TRBWA has responded to the IEU’s concerns that Teacher Registration renewal dates were not based on Registration expiry date but the date that paperwork was submitted, resulting in members losing time from their registration, and money. 

Effective 20 October 2015, registration renewal dates will align with expiry dates.

The TRBWA have assured the IEU that they are investigating the reasonableness of applying this retrospectively. This is a priority.  The IEU will continue to liaise with the TRBWA on this issue.

Overseas Criminal Record Checks required from 1 July 2015

Early Childhood Teachers must be registered

TRBWA communication by email
Important Dates

Annual fees due 31 March

Take note of your registration expiry date


TRBWA Correspondence with Stakeholders and the IEU

Please find the most recent consultation by the TRB
with stakeholders including the IEU and our response
raising various concerns.

2015-07-20 TRBWA Invitation for IEU to Comment re; TRBWA 
Registration Requirements

2015-08-12  IEU Response re; Proposed Changes to TRBWA
Registration Requirements

2015-08-19 IEU Letter to TRBWA re; Accreditation of Initial
Teacher Education: One Year Graduate Programmes