Professional Learning FAQs

Who can attend the IEU seminars?
The IEU hold seminars for members as a membership benefit and are provided at a minimal cost or free for members.

The IEU welcomes potential members to attend IEU seminars. Potential members are charged a different rate and this will be credited towards your IEU membership upon joining.

Where do you find out what seminars are being offered?
A full list of our Seminars is available here.

How can you register for a seminar?
You can register using this link.

Where are the seminars held?
The seminars are usually held in the boardroom at the IEU offices, Suite 20/63 Knutsford Avenue, Rivervale. There is plenty of parking available on the street - see location map.

Does the IEU run seminars at other venues?
The IEU can run Renewal of Teacher Registration seminars at Schools in consultation with School management. Please direct any queries to our Professional Learning Coordinator

You are attending a seminar, what do you need to bring with you?
You will be provided with a seminar pack, which includes paper and a pen. Refreshments are provided at our seminars.

How will you be charged?
The IEU will hold a member’s credit card details to confirm your place at one of our seminars. Your credit card will only be charged if you attend or do not give 24 hours notice of your non-attendance.
Potential members will be charged upon registration.

What happens if you are unable to attend?
Members who are unable to attend and provided 24 hours notice will not be charged for the Seminar

Does my attendance at the Seminar count towards my Professional Learning hours for TRBWA registration?
IEU seminars are formal Professional Learning Activities. They are matched to the AITSL professional standards and can be counted towards your PL hours for registration. The IEU provides you with a certificate of attendance that details the standards met.

What is a webinar?
The term webinar simply means an online seminar. It is just like a seminar that is held in a physical environment but it is held on the web. The presenter utlises a PowerPoint slide and speaks over the phone. The audience can interact via voice or through a live chat facility. You can attend a webinar from the comfort of your own home…wearing your pyjamas!

How does a live webinar work?
We send an email invitation so attendees can sign up and you are given a special web link to attend the webinar.  We send email reminders and the seminar documents to all attendees. On the day of the webinar attendees log in to the webinar and the PowerPoint is presented over a shared computer screen and the attendees watch, listen and learn.

Can the audience interact during a webinar?
Yes. The audience and attendees can interact during a live webinar. They can ask questions via voice if they have dialed in via phone. Or they can ask questions through a text chat facility.