IEU WA Branch Journey Insurance

The IEU holds a Group Journey Insurance Policy with CHUBB on behalf of our Members, whether working full-time, part-time or relief. This includes Members who are on contracts.

Essentially, the policy provides coverage for loss of income.

Scope of Cover:
Cover under the Policy applies whilst a Covered Person is on a Journey. Journey means a trip undertaken by a Covered Person in the course of their employment. Cover shall commence from the time the Covered Person leaves their normal place of residence and Travel Directly (as defined) to their normal place of employment. Cover ceases upon arrival at place of normal employment. Cover will recommence for the return Journey from the Covered Person's normal place of employment to Travel Directly to their normal place of residence and shall cease upon arrival at normal place of residence. A Journey also extends to include cover for activities undertaken during lunchtimes and meal breaks. Travel directly means travel to and from the Covered Person's normal place of residence or normal place of employment and shall include any minor deviations or interruptions which in no way increase the risk of Bodily Injury that would have normally arisen had the person travelled directly without deviation or interruption.

Please note:

Normal place of work includes driving from home to a camp directed by the employer.
Activities includes those of a personal nature undertaken during lunchtimes and meal breaks as long as there is no increase to risk of bodily injury

A brief summary of the Benefits is as follows:

•    Accidental Death lump sum benefit $100,000
•    Permanent Disablement lump sum Benefit Up to $100,000
•    Bodily Injury Weekly Benefit $2000 or 85% of weekly earnings whichever is the lesser. Excess period 7 days.
There are additional Benefits which are set out in the Schedule of Benefits.

To read the full Schedule of Benefits click here.

To read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) click here.

The policy is valid from 31st December 2016 4:00PM to 4PM on 31 December 2017.

If you have had an accident and have questions, require further information or to make a claim, please contact your Organiser or IEU Member Services for assistance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 9373 1000.