Make It Fair: Work and Care Survey Responses, Western Australia

ACTU & Unions WA Report

28 August 2017


Between August 4 and August 23, 2017, the ACTU, UnionsWA, affiliated unions, Carers Australia and Parenthood cooperated in the conduct of a survey asking Australians about their work and caring responsibilities.

As of August 23, 2017, over 5,400 responses have been received. The survey was completed by 1,178 West Australians. This report summarises the results from West Australian respondents.

Key Findings
Of West Australians who completed the survey 81.9% currently have or have had caring responsibilities in the past. Many with more than one type of care.

Of those currently in paid work, one in five respondents also have current care responsibilities.

Of all West Australian survey respondents, 18.1% reported that they do not have or have never previously had care responsibilities.

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