Serpentine-Jarrahdale Grammar School Survey
This year we are again bargaining with Serpentine-Jarrahdale Grammar School.

Now more than ever teachers and support staff need to be collectively involved in the campaign to secure improved salaries and conditions. The first step to being involved is having your say about which employment matters will be the subject of negotiation and bargaining.

Members should complete this survey by 14th August 2017.

Non-members are invited to join, add to the collective strength and have direct input by filling in this survey after completing the membership form online by clicking on Join Now.

How important to you are improvements in the following areas?
(Please choose your response: 1 - very important  5 - less important)

Provide salary increases at the same percentage and same operative dates as for Department of Education (DoE) employees

All salary levels and classifications to match Catholic Schools

Maintain accrual of Long Service Leave at 1.3 weeks per year with - 10 weeks LSL after 7 years and on resignation after 6 years be paid out for accrued LSL

Improved Personal (Sick) Leave provision to 13 days

Improved Carers Leave provisions

Introduce a Family and Domestic Violence Leave clause

Introduce paid parental leave

Increase Paid Partner (Parental) Leave to 2 weeks

Improved Redundancy Provisions

Introduce IEU Delegate Training 1 day paid leave per annum

Provide Serpentine-Jarrahdale days off in recognition of attendance at Agreed events

Improved Consultative Provisions in respect to major changes

Improve dispute resolution clause to include all employment matters

Provide for either party to refer a dispute to the Fair Work Commission for conciliation and/or arbitration if the matter is not settled


How important to you are improvements in the following areas?
(Please choose your response: 1 - very important  5 - less important)

Introduce an ‘Hours of Work’ clause to limit non- teaching activities

Improved Senior Teacher and Promotional Positions Entitlements

Introduce a process for reimbursing DOTT time

Introduce a process for allocating relief supervisions

Bargaining Committee Nominations

As we enter into negotiations this year one key element is to have a bargaining committee of co-workers who will attend negotiations and collectively represent union members.

The bargaining committee will consistently be supported by the IEU Organiser and also by an IEU Industrial officer whenever that is helpful (e.g. drafting clauses, providing comparative data with other schools)

A strong bargaining committee is representative of all staff groups and job classifications at the workplace. Bargaining committee members have to be members of the union and committed to the overall goals set by their co-workers.

This Enterprise Agreement bargaining process gives all members an opportunity to nominate who they want to represent them on the IEU bargaining committee. You can nominate yourself to be on the IEU bargaining committee and/or another member who is agreeable to that.

I am nominating (please enter the following in the box below):

Name, Department, Title.