Anglican Schools Commission Survey
This year we are again bargaining with the Anglican Schools Commission. Now more than ever staff need to be collectively involved in the campaign to secure improved salaries and conditions. The first step to being involved is having your say about which employment matters will be the subject of negotiation and bargaining.

Non-members are invited to join, add to the collective strength and have direct input by filling in this survey after completing the membership form online by clicking on Join Now.

Please complete and submit your survey by Friday 25th August 2017

How important to you are improvements in the following areas?
(Please choose your response: 1 - very important 5 - less important)
Maintain salary increases at 2.5% above Department of Education (DoE) Teachers

Introduce a Lead Teacher allowance

Improved Promotional Positions Entitlements

Introduce Camp/Excursion/Allowance

Recognition of qualifications and experience to match TRB

Introduce fortnightly payment of salaries

Remove the annual cap on claiming payment for Personal (sick and carers) Leave, currently 13 weeks per year

Introduce a Family and Domestic Violence Leave clause

Include all workload matters in the agreement

Introduce ‘Hours of Work’ clause to limit non-teaching activities

Introduce days of work clause

Introduce security of tenure for hours of work for part time employees

Introduce a sliding scale for notice for temporary employees

Introduce consultative provisions in respect to major changes to work including hours of work

Introduce a deferred salary scheme

Introduce Delegate Training 1 day paid leave per annum

Expand Dispute Resolution entitlement to include all employment matters

Additional Comments
Bargaining Focus Group Nominations

As we enter into negotiations this year one key element is to have a bargaining focus group of co-workers who will provide feedback and collectively represent union members.

I am nominating: Please enter the following into the box below: Name, Department, and Position.